Expert Guidance for Liquidation and Deregistration in Dubai

We revolutionize the audit process by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge data analytics into an interactive platform. This transformation offers clients an extraordinary collaborative experience, especially valuable Liquidation and Deregistration in Dubai Our advanced technology, featuring a dynamic dashboard, simplifies audit phases, eliminating multiple information requests. Additionally, our analytics empower audit teams to provide customized insights and industry benchmarks for specific sectors.

Our advanced software effortlessly integrates cutting-edge technologies, expanding its relevance across various scenarios. This holistic approach ensures clients access the latest industry benchmarks and empowers performance evaluation against top companies. This integrated solution streamlines audits efficiently, offering valuable insights for enhanced decision-making and operational efficiency.

Types of Liquidation

There are two primary types of liquidation in Dubai:

1. Voluntary Liquidation

The company’s shareholders initiate voluntary liquidation when they decide it’s time to cease operations. It’s akin to a group of friends deciding to disband a club because their interests have changed.

2. Compulsory Liquidation

Compulsory liquidation is a forced liquidation imposed by the court or relevant authorities due to serious financial irregularities or non-compliance. Think of it as a referee stepping in to end a game because of unfair pla

Liquidation and Deregistrations in Dubai


Simplified Liquidation Process and Deregistration in Dubai

In the Dubai context, a profound grasp of legal prerequisites, documentation, and strict compliance is essential. These responsibilities encompass settling debts, canceling licenses, and addressing obligations to stakeholders and creditors.

Our experienced team specializes in providing comprehensive support for various processes, including liquidation and deregistration in Dubai. We adeptly navigate the complex regulatory landscape, ensuring legal obligations are met while maintaining process efficiency. Our services include meticulous document preparation, seamless coordination with government entities, and dedicated representation of your interests.

With our guidance, you can optimize your business processes, reduce potential complications, and implement a streamlined, compliant strategy.

Understanding Consultancy Services in Dubai Simplifying Value Added Tax (VAT)

The Value Added Tax, in its simplest terms, involves levying tax at every step of the supply chain. This is because, whenever any value addition is made to a product, tax is applied to the cost of that value addition.

Consultancy services in Dubai involve a comprehensive assessment of the firm by an expert team. This assessment aims to identify areas requiring rectification concerning VAT laws, which have been in effect since January 1st, 2018

Levying tax at every step of the supply chain is the Value Added Tax explained in the easiest term. It is called value added tax because whenever any value addition is done in a product, the tax is implied on the cost of the value addition.

Navigating Business Excellence With consultancy services in Dubai

In the dynamic business landscape of Dubai, achieving excellence necessitates expert guidance and strategic insights. To this end, our consultancy services in Dubai offer a comprehensive approach. Enabling businesses to unlock their full potential and attain remarkable success. Leveraging our deep understanding of local market dynamics, industry trends, and regulatory frameworks. we provide tailored solutions to address specific challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Our team of seasoned consultants brings a wealth of experience. Their expertise across various sectors, offering valuable advice and practical strategies. This enhance operational efficiency, optimize resource utilization, and drive sustainable growth. Whether it’s developing robust business plans, implementing effective marketing strategies, streamlining operations, or expanding into new markets, our consultancy services pave the way for businesses to thrive and excel in the competitive landscape of Dubai..

Consultancy Services in Dubai

We help our client to shorten the lengthy task of managing and keeping up-to-date with the VAT laws. We help the client to sync the software, accounting and billing devices . Help in other processes with the rules and regulations of the VAT. Our team keeps the record of the total payable taxes.  Guides the client to the procedure of claiming the input credit in cases where tax payable is less than the tax receive

Expert VAT (Tax) Services in Dubai

Our certified experts work diligently to ensure that your business complies with tax regulations, thus maintaining a pristine reputation in the market. We serve as your ultimate destination for comprehensive VAT (Tax) services in Dubai. With our VAT services, we guide your business through the ever-evolving tax landscape, providing you with peace of mind.

Our highly qualified professionals, certified by the federal tax authority, possess deep knowledge of current tax laws and changes. They stand as your trusted partners in navigating the complexities of taxation.

At EXL Auditing, we comprehend the challenges encountered by large companies. This is why we offer an extensive array of VAT Service , covering VAT (Tax) Services, FTA (VAT) Registration, VAT computation & Planning, VAT Return Filing, FTA VAT (TAX) Audits & Consultation, FTA Deregistration, FTA Penalty, Disputes & Fine Reconsideration Services & Consultancy.

Moreover, we offer round-the-clock helpline “support to promptly address all your queries and urgent needs. Select us as your partner to attain VAT excellence and secure peace of mind regarding your taxes.

Cultivate Financial Success with Our Expert VAT (Tax) Services in Dubai

In the ever-evolving landscape of taxation, Exlauditing’s certified experts stand poised and ready to serve as your trusted partner. We specialize in delivering top-notch VAT (Tax) services, meticulously tailored to meet your business’s unique requirements.

Drawing upon years of experience and a profound understanding of local tax regulations, we ensure your firm remains in full compliance. Consequently, you can focus on what truly matters—the core operations of your business. Our comprehensive suite of services encompasses VAT registration, computation, strategic planning, return filing, audits, consultation, deregistration, penalty resolution, and fine reconsideration.

Furthermore, rest assured that our seasoned professionals, certified by the federal tax authority, will expertly navigate the intricacies of taxation on your behalf. Our unwavering commitment to ensuring your financial success truly sets us apart.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. Explore how our Tax Services can effectively catalyze the growth and prosperity of your Dubai-based business.

Efficient Accounting and Bookkeeping in Dubai

In Dubai’s dynamic business landscape, efficient accounting plays a pivotal role in ensuring financial success. Accounting and Bookkeeping in Dubai hold a pivotal position, guaranteeing accurate financial records, compliance with tax regulations, and enabling informed financial decisions.

With our dedicated team of expert accountants in Dubai, we are committed to delivering tailored, top-notch accounting solutions. We meticulously manage every aspect of financial record-keeping, including daily transactions and comprehensive financial reports. Partnering with us offers you the opportunity to streamline your financial processes, reduce errors, and gain valuable insights into your business’s financial health. Our unwavering commitment lies in empowering your business to thrive in Dubai’s competitive marketplace through efficient and precise financial management.

By partnering with us, you can streamline your financial processes, reduce errors, and gain valuable insights into your business’s financial health. We are unwavering in our commitment to empowering your business to thrive in Dubai’s competitive marketplace through efficient and precise financial management.

Management of Accounting and Bookkeeping in Financial Operations

Intricate processes encompass Financial Services. Serving as the cornerstone for generating an organization’s financial statements, conducting audits. IT also help in preparing tax returns. To initiate this, systematically recording daily earnings and expenditures constitutes the simplest form of bookkeeping. Accounting, on the other hand, builds upon this foundational data. Designing and presenting bills generated for and by the organization. It is impossible to overstate the significance of accurate bookkeeping, as it forms the bedrock of an efficient accounting system. At EXL Auditing’s Financial Services Audit Dubai, we specialize in delivering top-notch bookkeeping services. Our meticulous approach involves maintaining a vigilant eye on ledger entries, enabling us to uncover and promptly address any blind spots in your financial records.

  • Our EXL team consists of the best accountants and finance experts.
  • They meticulously ledger each number and decimal in compliance with auditing rules and regulations.
  • This meticulousness extends to the company’s specified activities.
  • It ensures the highest level of data privacy.
  • Our commitment is clear: to deliver precise and reliable financial services.
  • These services are designed to empower your organization’s success.



The bedrock of a company’s financial discipline is served by Auditing and accounting services in Dubai. The ethical presentation of financial and taxation records is centered upon by these essential services. We further strengthen our commitment by providing expert legal advice. This comprehensive approach ensures both compliance and sound financial practices.

Effective auditing practices ensure a crystal-clear representation of a company’s performance, along with its corresponding financial deposition. We maintain an unwavering commitment to preventing any misuse of funds or engagement in fraudulent activities. Our dedication upholds the highest standards of integrity and transparency. With our expertise and dedication, we secure your financial matters, fostering a secure and thriving business environment in Dubai. You place trust in us for comprehensive financial solutions that enable your company to flourish and maintain unwavering compliance with legal and ethical standards.

Audit and assurance


EXL Auditing demonstrates its commitment to delivering unmatched financial solutions through Auditing and Accounting Services in Dubai. We employ a comprehensive strategy that meticulously examines and evaluates financial documents, ensuring our unwavering adherence to industry-standard accounting principles. Our approach, which combines assurance and auditing, drives data precision that directly enhances corporate earnings.

Whether you are establishing a UAE-based company or optimizing profits for an existing enterprise, we offer our expertise as your dedicated partner, guiding you toward financial success. We expertly manage all financial and taxation aspects, ensuring both financial excellence and complete regulatory compliance. Trust EXL Auditing to navigate the intricate financial landscape, allowing you to focus on the growth and prosperity of your business.

In summary, EXL Auditing offers a distinctive mix of services that enhance data accuracy and drive financial success. This comprehensive approach ensures both compliance and sound financial practices. Our holistic approach guarantees compliance and efficiency, positioning us as the ideal partner for businesses in Dubai.

Unlocking Business Potential Company Formation and Business Registration in Dubai

The UAE is an ocean of opportunities for a range of business setups for the worldwide companies. It is an open market for the world. UAE tops the list of the companies planning to expand in and explore the global market. For different genres and niches the company formation and Business Registration in Dubai procedure differs though the Department of Economic Development (DED) is the responsible authority for the process.

Company Formation and Business Registration in Dubai

Company Formation and Business Registration in Dubai

Setting up a company in Dubai is a strategic move for entrepreneurs seeking to tap into the flourishing business landscape of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). With its investor-friendly policies and strategic location, Dubai offers a multitude of opportunities for both local and international businesses.

Understanding the Process

Choosing Your Business Structure: The first step in company formation is selecting the most suitable business structure, such as a Limited Liability Company (LLC), Free Zone Company, or Branch Office.

Trade Name Approval: Selecting a unique trade name for your company is essential. This name must be approved by the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED).

Drafting the Memorandum of Association: For LLCs, drafting the Memorandum of Association is crucial. This document outlines the company’s ownership structure and governing rules.

Obtaining Initial Approval: Your business plan and documents will undergo review by the DED to obtain initial approval.

Location and Office Space: Choosing the right location and securing office space is necessary. Free zones offer various options for businesses.

License Application: Depending on your business activity, you will need to apply for the relevant license, such as a commercial, industrial, or professional license.

Document Submission

Submit Legal Documents: Prepare and submit the necessary legal documents to the DED or the relevant free zone authority. These documents typically include the Memorandum of Association, lease agreement, and license application.

Approvals and Permits: Obtain any additional approvals or permits required for your specific business activity.

Finalizing the Process

Payment of Fees: Pay the requisite registration and licensing fees as per the DED or free zone authority’s fee structure.

License Issuance: Once all approvals and payments are in order, your business license will be issued, granting you the legal authority to operate in Dubai.

Visa Processing: If needed, initiate the process of obtaining visas for you and your employees to reside and work in Dubai.

Ongoing Compliance

Renewal of Licenses: Be mindful of license renewal dates and ensure timely renewals to avoid penalties.

Financial Reporting: Maintain proper financial records and adhere to financial reporting requirements.

Compliance with VAT Laws: Comply with the UAE’s Value Added Tax (VAT) regulations if applicable to your business.

Visa Renewals: Keep track of visa renewals for yourself and your employees.

In conclusion, Dubai offers a dynamic environment for entrepreneurs and businesses to thrive. The process of company formation and business registration in Dubai may seem intricate, but with the right guidance and support, it becomes a seamless journey towards establishing a successful business in this vibrant city. If you require assistance or have questions regarding company formation in Dubai, feel free to reach out to our expert team for personalized guidance and support. Your Dubai business venture awaits, and we are here to help you make it a reality

FTA (VAT) Registration

Value added Tax (VAT) is a mandatory consumption tax on products and businesses. As of now, 160 countries across the globe have made the VAT compulsory in their country and the number is rising each new day. With this, the VAT registration consultancy firms are also rising across the globe.

In the misleading world where the VAT services in Dubai is comparatively new with its introduction in 2018, there is a high probability of getting fooled. EXL Auditing saves you from the risk of falling into the trap of the newbies and provide the trust and support of learned and certified professionals of the field. We at EXL Auditing provide one of the best VAT services in Dubai and are the perfect option for the firms to outsource the VAT related tasks to our experienced and certified professionals.

If you are looking for legal advisory company in Dubai then EXL Auditing is the best solution you have got. From advisory services to planning and formulating proposals, handling explicit issues of the firm to explaining and resolving the queries with the advice of an expert, we thrive to resolve and cater for every VAT registration need of the clients’ firm.

VAT Computation & Planning

Value added tax is applicable on transactions made by the firms and not the profit earned. A job of your tax service consultant in Dubai is to calculate and plan your VAT. At EXL Auditing, our faithful and trustworthy employees ensure that each transaction of purchase and sale is well maintained for your firm. We ensure to keep the documents of the clients safe, locked and confidentially. We understand the importance of each transaction and record of each entry is hence maintained and double-checked by the team of experts.

We thrive to make our clients free from the worries of taxation, VAT computing and planning tasks. As VAT is a comparatively a new idea in UAE, not many are well versed in the computation and planning of it. We not only have trained professionals for the task but also experience serving more than a thousand clients who opted for the VAT service in and around Dubai.

VAT Return Filing

The businesses need to file the VAT return through the FTA portal each financial year. The other requirements have to be managed prior to filing the VAT on the official website. The tax period for the different business groups is different based on their annual turnover. Alongside, the business firms have to maintain annual tax files of their firm as well which the audit officer may ask to show. The FTA also reserves the right to allot a different tax period for certain firms as per its choice.

Even a minute mistake in maintaining and filing may cost you a hand full amount of money or call for an unnecessary inquiry highlighting your firm for not so good reason. To avoid this hassle and ensure you have a smooth VAT return filing, EXL Auditing comes to your service. We are serving hundreds of clients across the UAE without a hint of a bad remark.

FTA VAT (TAX) Audits & Consultation

An audit usually means an examination of returns, records and other documents of the firm. It is to verify the turnover declared, tax paid on behalf of that and the refund claimed. The FTA may ask a business to submit their business information which is verified and checked against the details declared by the firm during the VAT return. It tallies the two information and any discrepancy found is cross-checked and the firm is to answer for that.

Once the Audit is initiated the business firm has to present all the necessary information and documentation in a predefined manner. Contrary to the VAT return which is more or less a summary of the transactions held by the firm, the Audit file is the detailed document wherein every invoice received and assigned by the firm during purchase and sale has to be presented in the said format to FTA.

EXL Auditing makes the task easier and convenient for the clients. We ensure that our clients focus on the sale, growth and expansion of the business while every detail related to the auditing, accounting and taxation is well-catered by our experts. We ensure that we maintain regular files for audit and taxation so that at the last moment our client may rest assured and doesn’t have to panic.